Pilsen Home

We just wrapped up the first floor design for a family of seven in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood and we are so excited to share the photos! This home needed comfortable, family-friendly pieces that look polished and modern. In the living room, we worked with Icon Modern to build a custom TV-cabinet so that the family can hide the TV when it’s not in use, and sprawl out on the corner sectional to relax with a movie when it’s open.


In the dining room, which had originally been the family room, we worked with the existing white-lacquer paneling above the fireplace and built a floating shelf into the bottom of it, allowing us to arrange oversized artwork and hide the opening for a TV. We used FLOR tiles to create a stain-resistance area rug that accommodates the custom table for 12.


Van Buren Model Unit 2 Bedroom

We used a more feminine palate for the two bedroom model unit in the Van Buren building. In both rooms we incorporated a variety of textures but kept the colors pretty neutral. The “Rose s’il vous plait” print is oversize so it makes quite a statement and adds a playful touch.


Thanks for checking out this model unit. We have lots of new projects being photographed in upcoming weeks - stay tuned for more!

Van Buren Model Unit 1 Bedroom

This is the first of two model units we did for the new Van Buren building in the West Loop neighborhood in Chicago. We focused on clean lines to echo the modern vibe of the new build. Here are a few of our favorite scenes from the one bedroom, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


The blue bed adds quite a pop of color to an otherwise simple and sleek bedroom. Plush velvet brings warmth and texture.


The living space in the apartment is open concept so we wanted to keep the design simple and cohesive. Using the same lamp on the office desk and the couch ties the spaces together.


The open concept kitchen takes advantage of natural light from the floor to ceiling windows throughout the apartment.


We hope you enjoyed this apartment tour as much as we loved putting it together! Stay tuned next week for the two bedroom next door.

West Loop Townhouse Reveal

We have an exciting new reveal today featuring a project that was almost a year in the making.  This client moved into a 3 bedroom new-construction penthouse in West Loop from a 1-bedroom apartment and needed all new furniture to fill it up.  Starting with wallpaper, light fixtures and window treatments to set the scene, Devon incorporated a clean, modern aesthetic into the space with touches of modern industrial to reflect the neighborhood. Family antiques were thoughtfully introduced to balance the modern base. 


The space is set up for entertaining with a large living area complete with green velvet sculptural accent chairs. 


The dining area  sets a dramatic tone with a dripping black metal chandelier and a bold diptych on a silk wallpaper.  To balance the dining area out, Devon incorporated an antique corner cabinet that belonged to the client and had it refinished with MegMade to modernize it and help it fit with the rest of the space.  


The master bedroom is one of Devon's favorite's yet.  The accent wall behind the bed is a suede wallpaper, adding a soft touch to the room along with a moody, dramatic statement.  Everything in this room was kept simple and clean, to provide a calm space for the clients to recharge each night.  


We hope you enjoyed the reveal!  See you next time!

All photos by Dustin Halleck

FORD Models Chicago

We had the honor of completing not one, but two of the offices for Ford Models this past year.  Here's a look inside at the minimal, modern and industrial space we designed for their new Chicago office.  


We pulled in elements similar to those seen their New York office, such as a monochromatic palette with rich textures and clean lines.  To tie the brand into their new neighborhood, we blended the sleek, modern aesthetic with the industrial vibe of the West Loop using exposed concrete floors and rich wood accents.

A modern, black and white gallery wall showcases their new work in the reception area.  


The model lounge provides a space for models to relax in between meetings.  We layered a lot of textures in here such as suede drapes, a hide rug, a tufted bench and a velvet sofa to give a rich, inviting feel. 


The open office is sleek and clean, with white benching stations along the windows and floating shelving to display model cards throughout.  Relativity Textiles created a custom plaid wallcovering to introduce a subtle texture throughout and breakup the white walls.


And finally, the conference room gets right to business with a white lacquer table, black leather and gold chairs, and a black strung light fixture.


We hope you love the space as much as we do!  If you want to see what we did in Ford's New York office, check out the tour MyDomaine featured here.


Design by Devon Grace Interiors

Photography by Dustin Halleck

Timeless "Trends" for 2018


In my opinion, a great designer creates a space that is timeless and tailored to a client's specific aesthetic, not one that is trendy and will need to be redone in two years.  For this reason, I typically tend to tune-out when I hear of the latest trends, however there were a few that caught my attention for 2018 that I think are worth exploring.  Read on to see the three "trends" predicted for 2018 that I believe are here to stay and will leave you with a design that you can enjoy for many years to come.

1- Monochromatic Decor:

I know, surprise surprise, I love monochromatic decor.  While this has now been labeled "trendy", in my opinion there is nothing like a neutral color palette to create a timeless canvas for your space.  If you like trends or colors that change over time, bring them in as small accessories which will fit in perfectly with your cohesive, "tone on tone" backdrop.  Monochromatic palettes also allow natural materials like woods, metals and greenery to really pop and become the focal points of the room which adds a level of elegance and sophistication.

 DGI design for Ford Models NYC Office

DGI design for Ford Models NYC Office

2- Mixed Metals:

You can trace this "trend" back centuries.  In fact, I think this is the safest way to introduce a new metal if you're nervous about how it'll age with you.  Matte black piquing your interest?  Or satin brass?  Mix them in with some chrome fixtures to balance things out.  My general rule of thumb is to stick to two or three per room.  Any more than that and you risk visual clutter.  The kitchen is a great room to try this in.  If you have stainless appliances, add chrome plumbing fixtures and cabinet hardware with some copper accessories styled throughout.

 DGI design for Seven 10 West

DGI design for Seven 10 West

3- Greenery:

If you've ready any of my previous blogs, you'll know that I am obsessed with creating healthy homes and healthy spaces.  One of the BEST ways to do this while enhancing the decor is adding in plants!  Check out my post on 5 Houseplants You Need in Your Life if you need ideas to get started.  

 DGI design for  Black and White Bathrooms

My Winter Necessities

My Top Six Picks for Fall Flowers

These past few weeks I've been frantically booking vendors for our wedding next summer, trying to get it all done before the holidays.  All that's left is a florist and I've recently had the pleasure of meeting with a few and being on the client-side of a design consultation for a change.  My mind is blown with how much they are able to do and how complex the world of flowers is.  Understandably, this has also been my favorite vendor to book because it was all so visual.  I decided to translate what I learned into interior design ideas and am focusing on my Top Six Picks for fall flower arrangements this week.


1- Dahlia:  Someone told me once that if I was a flower, I would be a Dahlia, and since then they've always been my favorites.  While soft blush Dahlia's will be the main flower in my wedding arrangement, these flowers come in a variety of deep red and orange colors, making them my top pick for fall flowers.  Pair the fierce, geometric bloom with some soft greenery to create a balanced, welcoming look in your home.

2- Celosia:  This has always been one of my favorites because of the unique, structured look it has.  These can be worked into an arrangement or they can stand alone for a simple, statement piece.  Celosia can also be dried and kept around throughout the winter.

3- Leucadendron: These were new to me until recently.  I love the warm tones this flower brings in and the spiky, edge it adds.  These too can stand alone and bring in a lot of dimension if they're kept long in a tall, glass vase.

4- Bicolor Rose:  It doesn't really get more romantic than a rose.  In the fall, I like to bring in BiColor Roses to add dimension to an arrangement and pull in some deeper, warmer hues.  I always add some greenery to rose bouquets, like Eucalyptus or Solidago to contrast the perfect silhouette of the Rose and introduce some texture.

 Bicolor Rose

Bicolor Rose

5- Calla Lily: If you want to introduce some flowers without bringing in too much color, Calla Lillies are your best option.  These classic beauties instantly add elegance to any space they're in as well as a subtle green pop.  Arrange these by themselves in a glass vase to maintain a minimalistic, clean look.

6- Orange Gerbera Daisy:  If you want to add a more cheerful, playful look to your space, I'd recommend a cluster of Orange Gerbera Daisys.  In my opinion, these are the most cheerful flowers out there and the orange hue brings in the warm colors of autumn.  Add some greenery like Eucalyptus to really add a pop of color to the space.

I hope these inspire some great ideas.  Be sure to tag me if you arrange any flowers in your home, I'd love to see what you come up with!

My Top Six Picks for White Paint

Cover Photo.png

It's no surprise when you look at my work that I love to use crisp neutrals in my designs.  Today, I'm rounding up my favorite whites that give a warm, bright look without looking sterile.

1- Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee - I love using this white for spaces that pull in a lot of cooler furnishings, like blues and chrome.  It helps balance the space by adding a subtle warmth without bringing in too much color.

            Swiss Coffee

           Swiss Coffee

2- Farrow and Ball Wimborne White - Oh my gosh, if you can afford to splurge on Farrow and Ball paint, PLEASE treat yourself.  F&B incorporates more pigments into their paint than their competitors, so throughout the day as the light changes, more colors are pulled out from it.  Wimborne White will adapt throughout the day in your space to give you perfect shade of white at that time.

                                             Wimborne White

                                            Wimborne White

3- Benjamin Moore White Wisp - Another one of my of my go-to picks, White Wisp will give you a clean aesthetic without being too white.  This one pulls in a touch of grey and a ton of warmth. Use it with a bright, white trim (see #4) to add some depth to a room.

             White Wisp

            White Wisp

4- Benjamin Moore Decorator's White - Honestly, this is a cult favorite among designers and for good reason.  Decorator's White is one of the most pure, clean whites and works well with almost anything.  For this reason, this is my go to for trim.

          Decorators White

         Decorators White

5- Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace - Similar to choosing a warmer white when I pull in cooler furnishings, Chantilly Lace is a great choice when furnishings in a space are on the warmer side.  If you have a lot of wood tones, brass or bronze, consider balancing things out with a cooler white like this one.

           Chantilly Lace

          Chantilly Lace

6- Sherwin Williams Extra White - I know I've been giving a lot of love to the BM colors, but I do love Sherwin Williams too!  For a clean, crisp option, SW Extra White is a safe choice.  Choose this color if you're contrasting with a lot of neutral grays and blacks.  

             Extra White

            Extra White

Ready to paint?  Keep these things in mind when you do:

  • Off-gassing from paint can lead to a number of health issues due to those pesky VOCs.  Don't know what VOCs are?  Click here to learn more.  I always specify zero-VOC paints for my projects.  My favorite is Natura, by Benjamin Moore. 
  • In older buildings, walls tend to bow or crack over time.  I recommend using a flat paint (if it's not a high-traffic area) to mitigate highlighting these glaring issues.  That being said, flat paint is almost impossible to clean (it turns glossy when rubbed because the pigments break off) so always use at least an eggshell finish in areas with high-traffic (think hallways, kitchens and entryways)
  • Trim is going to get the most abuse, so go with a satin finish or glossy if you're feeling bold.  This will allow you to clean without care when your kids wipe their hands all over the door frames.

Hope this is helpful!  What are some of your favorite whites that I missed?

5 Houseplants you Need in Your Life

I hope you all are having a wonderful Mother’s Day and if you’re in Chicago, I hope you got outside this weekend to enjoy the INCREDIBLE weather finally.  In honor of these summery feels, I’m going to be talking about the benefits of houseplants on today’s Healthy Home, Healthy Life blog post.

It seems any interiors shot on Pinterest these days features the leaves of a fiddle-leaf fig tree peeking out from somewhere in the room.  In addition to providing some added color and texture to a room, houseplants can actually provide a lot of health benefits in your home or office.  The most notable of these is the ability for the plants to remove airborne contaminants like VOCs.  If you missed the last post, explaining what VOCs are and how they can affect your health, be sure to check it out here.  You probably already know how photosynthesis works and that plants take in carbon dioxide in order to produce oxygen.  Indoors, this means that they are literally purifying the air you breathe and removing harmful contaminants.  In addition to providing cleaner air, studies have also shown that plants lower anxiety and blood pressure levels and help improve productivity. 

Here are a few of my favorite houseplants to spruce up your interior and provide a healthy lifestyle for you and your family:


1 – English Ivy

English Ivy is one of my favorites right now.  In addition to looking stunning spilling out of its planter, English Ivy is an incredible workhorse.  This plant is one of the best to remove mold allergens from the air in your home.  If you or your family members suffer from asthma or mold allergies, I highly recommend these plants!  They do best in well-lit areas and don’t require a ton of watering.  The best part about them is that they spill out of the planter, creating a stunning effect on a bookshelf or coffee table. 

2 - Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

 As I mentioned earlier, Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees are one of the trendiest plants around right now.  The huge leaves that make this plant so aesthetically pleasing, also contribute to high levels of air purification and humidity control.  A word of warning that these are some of the trickiest plants to keep alive, but so far I’ve been successful with mine, which is quite a feat!  South-west light makes these trees the happiest, and once you park them somewhere, don’t move them around, they get moody very quickly.  You only need to water them about once a week, once the soil is dry, but I like to give mine some mists from a spray bottle each day to keep the leaves moist and happy.  Pot yours and set it in a basket to give a bohemian, relaxed feel.

3 - Snake Plant

The Snake Plant, also known as Mother-In-Law’s Tongue, is a prime candidate for a plant in your bedroom.  These plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night, providing clean, fresh air for a perfect night’s sleep.  The best part about it is these plants are nearly impossible to kill.   Snake Plants are able to thrive in low-lighting and can dry out between waterings.  I recommend planting one in a large floor planter and setting it close to your bed.  Sweet dreams!

4 - Rubber Plant

Rubber Plants, another large-leaf stunner is a powerful air purifier as well.  These large leaves absorb VOCs from the air, pass it down through the plant, and deposit them into the soil.  In addition to removing VOCs, the rubber plant also traps mold and bacteria from the air, reducing levels by 50-60%.  Rubber Trees prefer plentiful indirect light and prefer to have soil kept moist during the growing phase and then only need to be watered several times a month during the dormant phase.  Make one of these beauties a focal point in your living room and let it work its magic.

5 - Peace Lily

If you prefer a plant that blooms, bring in a Peace Lily!  This sophisticated, flowering plant, is one of the best for removing formaldehyde from indoor spaces.  It will also absorb toxic VOCs released by certain cleaning supplies which can make this a great addition to your office desk as well.  These plants like moist soil, and will flower best if they’re in darker rooms.  The leaves can be poisonous if eaten by kids or plants, so be sure to keep them in higher areas.  I suggest bringing a Peace Lily as your next house-warming gift to offset the VOCs released from fresh paint, carpet and furniture after a move.

What are some of your favorite houseplants?  I hope this has inspired you all to embrace your green thumbs and bring the outdoors inside!


‘til next week!


Volatile Organic Compounds...When "organic" isn't a good thing

Volatile Organic Compounds...When "organic" isn't a good thing

I am so excited to kick off our Healthy Home-Healthy Life blog series today!  Today is the last day of April (not quite sure HOW that happened already) and May just so happens to be National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month which means this is the perfect time to start learning about how your home can affect your respiratory health (sorry, I’ll make it cheerful, I promise!)  To get things started, I’m going to explain what VOCs are and where they are lurking in your home.