5 Places to Score the Accessories You've Been Drooling Over

By: Devon Fromm

I've been getting questions on what my favorite stores are for sourcing accessories – some of which you may already be drooling over on Pinterest.

Similar to the fashion world, in interior design, accessories are a simple and easy way to transform the ordinary into extraordinary.  The key to accessorizing is to find pieces that both stand out in a room and at the same time tie everything together to create a cohesive, "effortless" look.  For example, if you have brass details in the furniture or light fixtures, pull some brass objects onto your console or coffee table to amplify that look.  Accessories are also an opportunity to introduce bold patterns and colors into a space without committing to a bold blue sofa (although come on, who would complain about that) or a printed rug that you get rid of in a year.

Here are five of my go-to stores for incredible accent pieces that will make your home unique and fabulous:


1. Umbra LTD .

In my mind, Umbra sells jewelry for your home.  If you don't believe me, check out the Dima Mirrors or Prisma Decor.  Right?  Best of all, the prices at Umbra cannot be beat.  This is my go-to place for clients looking for a Scandinavian, simple yet unique home.  My favorite pieces are the wall-decor...the Strum shelf?  Genius!

Umbra - Prisma Wall Decor in Brass

Umbra - Prisma Wall Decor in Brass


2. The Citizenry 

The Citizenry is where Pinterest dreams are born.  Almost every one of my projects lately has had something from here.  This is my go-to place for unique accent pillows (how is the Ceniza Lumbar pillow not on everyone's bed!?) and unique area rugs.  The Citizenry puts a modern spin on different cultural designs from around the world, yet somehow makes them universal and applicable to every space.

The Citizenry - Ceniza Lumbar Pillow

The Citizenry - Ceniza Lumbar Pillow


3. Dwell Studio

If you've been wondering where to find those brass objects you see on every Pinterest coffee table or the perfect catch-all box for your console table, this will be your Mecca.  Dwell Studio is another store that has touched each of my projects.  This is my go-to for any metal accents that I want to bring in to a space.  They literally have a section devoted to objects.

Dwell Studio - 2 Piece Giant Jacks Sculpture Set

Dwell Studio - 2 Piece Giant Jacks Sculpture Set


4. Lulu and Georgia

Lulu and Georgia, my two favorite ladies when I need an accent pillow.  West Elm and CB2 have some incredible accent pillows when you need some basics to build a foundation, but in order to avoid having the same sofa styling as the rest of your neighborhood, you'll need some unique pops to set you apart.  Enter Lulu and Georgia.  First of all, they let you sort by color, making it the easiest accessorizing you'll do all day.  Most importantly, they have some of the most fun and relevant patterns right now.  Did I mention they sell more than just pillows?  I've also been known to source lamps and even accent furniture pieces from here.  

Lulu and Georgia

Lulu and Georgia


5. Made Goods 

Okay this one may be a little unfair because it is tailored to the trade, BUT just because you're on a diet doesn't mean you can't look at the menu, right?  I'm sure your friendly neighborhood designer *ahem* would be happy to hook you up with your next must have box.  Made Goods has everything.  Literally everything!  I spent an hour in the showroom last week drooling over their stacked boxes and bathroom accessories, what?!  In addition to the obvious, they have every trinket, gemstone, sculpture and tray you never knew you wanted.  

Made Goods -  Stackable Boxes Display    Credit: Devon Fromm, Taken at Made Goods Chicago Showroom

Made Goods - Stackable Boxes Display

Credit: Devon Fromm, Taken at Made Goods Chicago Showroom

I apologize in advance to your credit cards if you go wild on these shops, but I hope you have fun perusing and that you find some amazing pieces to complete your coffee table, console table, or entire home! 

Until next time-

xo - Devon