Inspiration from Incredible India

If you follow me on instagram, you know that I just recently got back from the trip of a lifetime, traveling through India.  There is no question why they call it "Incredible India" and if you haven't been already, I HIGHLY recommend you add it to your bucket list.  The inspiration is absolutely endless.  Gone is the black and grey you're surrounded by in Chicago and in it's place, every color you can imagine.  Ink-block fabrics, bazaars, marigolds, wild animals, spices, saris and the constant chaos in the streets don't even skim the surface of what you are flooded with each day you venture out, no matter the city you are in.  Within days, my minimalist self was gone and I found myself wearing bright colors, bangles up my arm, mendhi on my hands, bindis on my forehead and a sense of calm I hadn't experienced in years.  Here are some of my favorite images and inspiration from my trip, I hope they inspire you too!