My Top Six Picks for Fall Flowers

These past few weeks I've been frantically booking vendors for our wedding next summer, trying to get it all done before the holidays.  All that's left is a florist and I've recently had the pleasure of meeting with a few and being on the client-side of a design consultation for a change.  My mind is blown with how much they are able to do and how complex the world of flowers is.  Understandably, this has also been my favorite vendor to book because it was all so visual.  I decided to translate what I learned into interior design ideas and am focusing on my Top Six Picks for fall flower arrangements this week.


1- Dahlia:  Someone told me once that if I was a flower, I would be a Dahlia, and since then they've always been my favorites.  While soft blush Dahlia's will be the main flower in my wedding arrangement, these flowers come in a variety of deep red and orange colors, making them my top pick for fall flowers.  Pair the fierce, geometric bloom with some soft greenery to create a balanced, welcoming look in your home.

2- Celosia:  This has always been one of my favorites because of the unique, structured look it has.  These can be worked into an arrangement or they can stand alone for a simple, statement piece.  Celosia can also be dried and kept around throughout the winter.

3- Leucadendron: These were new to me until recently.  I love the warm tones this flower brings in and the spiky, edge it adds.  These too can stand alone and bring in a lot of dimension if they're kept long in a tall, glass vase.

4- Bicolor Rose:  It doesn't really get more romantic than a rose.  In the fall, I like to bring in BiColor Roses to add dimension to an arrangement and pull in some deeper, warmer hues.  I always add some greenery to rose bouquets, like Eucalyptus or Solidago to contrast the perfect silhouette of the Rose and introduce some texture.

Bicolor Rose

Bicolor Rose

5- Calla Lily: If you want to introduce some flowers without bringing in too much color, Calla Lillies are your best option.  These classic beauties instantly add elegance to any space they're in as well as a subtle green pop.  Arrange these by themselves in a glass vase to maintain a minimalistic, clean look.

6- Orange Gerbera Daisy:  If you want to add a more cheerful, playful look to your space, I'd recommend a cluster of Orange Gerbera Daisys.  In my opinion, these are the most cheerful flowers out there and the orange hue brings in the warm colors of autumn.  Add some greenery like Eucalyptus to really add a pop of color to the space.

I hope these inspire some great ideas.  Be sure to tag me if you arrange any flowers in your home, I'd love to see what you come up with!